With having so much time on my hands and the varied things I get up to, I though it would be a good idea to keep a bit of a record of it all. Hobbies and travelling are my main passions and with work I see a fair bit of the world but put points on my bucket list is to visit all countries. I have a five year old son who I miss terribly while I’m away but he is happy and healthy so that is all that matters to me. When he is old enough to travel I would like to be living abroad, I’m not too sure where yet though as I still have so many places to visit and wonders to see.

One thing you will quickly learn is that I have too many hobbies and I’m rather passionate about them but hopefully this will calm down when I’m older but for now I will be making the most of my free time and live my life. The site is still in the early stages and still needs a lot of text and images adding to the pages I have hiding in the back ground but I’m getting around to adding to them  between life and my projects. I also apologise in advance for the size of some of my images, I could make them smaller but I want the quality of them to be as good as possible.

I have also added a bucket list to the site so you can see the sort of things that interest me and what I want to achieve from my life before I kick the bucket. I have tried to take photographs of the moments I have marked off but I am currently missing one, its not that easy taking a selfie while your in a crouching bear position! I hope to be able to take photographs of every event but some either aren’t possible or I just had so much fun I totally forgot. If there is anything that you can recommend for my list then please feel free to contact me!